Friday, May 27, 2011

Decorating with Books

As I have said before, my sister and my close friend are 'book people'. Love to read and respect books so much. My mom has always decorated with books and it brings a nice touch to displays. But when you decorate with books you don't necessarily care about the goodness inside- mostly you care about the colour of the cover. UGGG. Did you hear that sigh coming from the afore mentioned sister and friend? Yep, they can barely stand it.
A few months ago now, my (also book loving) m-i-l asked if I wanted some books from her office that were headed for the donation box. Um, what colour are they? Blue? Yes please!
It ended up being a whole set of Biblical commentaries that belonged to the father of the pastor that married us. Cool, pretty and significant too. Gotta love it.
My big man helped me unload and organize them. He is a good organizer and was all over putting them in order.

I put some on the new turquoise table at the bottom of the stairs...I put some in the cupboards next to the living room fireplace...
I put some on the mantel in the family room....
Cozy, don't ya think?

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