Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

It has taken me 2 weeks to get even a few pictures, but here it is. My attempt to actually get dressed for the day and to wear the clothes I already own. I wear scrubs at least 2 days a week so jeans feel like something special. As an aside, whenever my daughter sees me in my scrubs she asks if I am wearing my "work pajamas". Yep, pretty much.

This day we had no kids for 2 whole hours!
Got some things done and went out for coffee: )
striped top & sweater- superstore
jeans- Gap
boots- Old Navy
Hey get out of my picture you camera hog!
This day I was feeling sick and cold.
Grey tunic- Superstore
navy cardi- Gap
jeans- Reitmans
belt- Zellers
shoes- I am wearing slippers in this pic
but actually wore grey flats that day from Payless.
sick kids this day so ponytail and rainboots
sweatshirt- Superstore
jeans- Gap
green rainboots- Superstore
I lurve these boots. They're my fave.
This was a Sunday before we all got sick.
Gingham shirt- Superstore
grey cardi- Target
denim skirt- Gap
boots- Aldo
This week I wore a lot of Superstore stuff. My only shopping time has been during grocery shopping I guess! Also featuring 3 of my 7 pairs of boots. Hey that includes rain and snow boots. It's not that bad people!

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