Monday, March 14, 2011

I love a bargain

A few days ago I got a chance to go shopping at newly discovered outlets (thanks Rosa). I took my little girlie who actually was a great helper. She picked out a baby present that Nana had asked us to get and she shopped patiently with me for over 2 hours. I may have bribed her continually with snacks, but she was still very good.

We went in almost any store I could have wished for but we ended up at the Banana Republic outlet.
I love Banana Republic.
I rarely shop at Banana Republic.

The price is a bit more than my usual budget and there isn't a store near by. Thank goodness.

After we looked at the ladies clothes and tried things on and used up our last snack-bribe, we looked around a bit for A. He doesn't really need much, remember we wear uniforms for work. His uniforms even get washed at work, how great is that? But I have bought some things for him from BR in the past and he has shopped there a bit too.

Well, all this to say we found a deal that we couldn't refuse...
For this vest! Somehow getting a deal like that is very satisfying to me! And despite his face in this picture, he did like it and has worn it. A lot. Yay!

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