Monday, February 21, 2011

The Desk

When we first put the desk downstairs I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. It was a sunny evening (yay) so that helped a bit too. The colour is somewhere in between the detail shot below and the picture above, not orange but not yellow either.
Look at the carved pulls, lovely!
I have seen long rooms where they place a desk behind the couch so that's what we tried. I think it works well in this space. Plus it will be easier for the kids to climb on if the couch acts as a ramp. Just kidding, sort of. Actually if you look closely in the top picture you can see a hand peeking out from under the chair. That's K.

I am seeing us using that room a lot now that it is (mostly) done. Maybe working or sewing at the desk while the kids play? Here is my baby reading the corner next to the desk. Nevermind the hole behind her, we will make a door and get that access to under the stairs covered up sooner or later. Instead direct your attention to the cool tin bucket I used to pile up the story books. Or at the cutey pie reading, that works too.
OK, back to the desk. Great isn't it? Beautiful! And all those drawers... I'm just trying to decide how best to fill them!

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