Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breaking for Spring

Just got back from 5 days away with the family round about Seattle for Spring Break. I really was in need of a break and it was a very nice trip. The weather was perfect too, which never hurts.

Unfortunately, I got the kids' cold the day before we left and it may or may not have developed into pneumonia... I feel like this slightly decrepit walking man:
I mean look at his hump back, he definitely doesn't look well.

Took this at the beach today and I want to frame this for my house.
Our initial and the colours, how perfect.

I bought myself some new shoes, for supa cheap!
Converse one stars in boys size 5, which fits great
and is almost half the price of a pair of ladies size 7's.

OK, mountains of laundry and cleaning, grocery shopping and catching up to do now. And must add 'buy vitamin C' to to do list so I can conquer this cold before work on Monday. Just for a minute I'll pretend I'm still here...
When really, I look more like this... but more frazzled and less cute.

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