Friday, February 4, 2011

Ninja Party

My creative energy (well, all my energy, really) continues to be limited. So this last two weeks it has gone entirely into planning the best ninja birthday that my little mind can imagine. That would be for the cutest 5yr old-to-be that my little mind can imagine. Here are the treats for preschool....
Cake Pops that are supposed to look like ninja heads... can you see it now?

This was way harder than I anticipated. I know myself and anything in the kitchen is not my strong suit. But little balls of mashed up cake? Sounded easy. Notsomuch.

first batch - too big and most fell off the stick

It took a few tries to get something passible, although even the failed attempts were delicious.

cutest 2yr old enjoying the mistakes

When I ran out of lollipop sticks the rest became cake balls. Ninja cake balls.