Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

This I admit is an amalgamation of 2 weeks. I only managed to dress nicely twice (both Sundays). And I only got pictures of the first one. The rest were thrown together and ho hum, or based purely on comfort. But here they are.
Brown Cardi - Banana Republic
Brown Tank - Banana Republic
Grey dress - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Grey leggings - Zellers
Brown flats - Payless
Silver multistrand necklace - Reitmans
Aqua beaded necklace - made by me

That was it. And I only wore it for the morning at church. But I was comfy and felt good, so I think it worked. And Rosa thought it was cute, and she has amazing taste. The rest are outfits to take the kids to school in, and well, I was comfy!

This was last Monday and I totally didn't want to get dressed this day!
Navy boyfreind T - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Alfred Sung Pure @ Zellers
Yawn. The I added this necklace I got from my Grandma in law.
Notice the chaos in the background.
That's why I chose this pic, the story of my life I tell you.
Started out in these slippers from Target.
Eventually I needed real shoes so I put on these loafers from Lands End.

This Monday:
I was so late for school this day that I didn't do my makeup or hair. By the time I took this picture I think I had mascara on, not sure I got much further than that the whole day.

Then I threw on some clothes and ran the kids to school. In 2 minutes. On foot. With all 3 kids. It's usually a 10 minute walk. Yep, we were really late leaving the house, but Ry got to school on time!

The rest of the outfit looked just like this pic from last time:
Stripped T - Joe Fresh @ Superstore
Jeans - Gap
Grey loafers - Payless

This Tuesday:
Top - American Eagle (Cuter IRL I think)
Jeans - Gap
(yes I have a few pairs of the same jeans!)
Shoes - Target

This was a relaxed day of school for Ry, and hanging out with 2 sicky little ones for the day. We stayed at the playground after school for over an hour because of the lovely weather. Then my hubby took the little ones to his parents house for dinner and Ry and I had dinner together before his soccer practice. Very sweet to have a date with my 6 yr old.
That's it.
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  1. I love how you layered your necklaces with the first outfit!
    everyone who coordinates jewelry with their outfits is always invited to link up at Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot !

  2. Love the first outfit with dress and the leggings. I really need to get a pair of leggings already! I love your layered necklaces with the dress too. Great outfit.

  3. I sooo love your first outfit!