Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Online shopping? Yes please!

Recently, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic have developed a canadian website. That means online shopping that ships without the ridiculous shipping charges of ordering from the US. I in fact got free shipping since I ordered more than 50 bucks from Old Navy.

I do have access Old Navy and Gap stores in our local mall. I find they can be out of stock, or carry less variety than what I see online. And Banana Republic. Oh Banana. I love Banana Republic but the nearest store is Metrotown, not close enough to visit in the 2 hours of preschool. That my friends means I never go. But online? Very easy to shop with kids running around.

The biggest issue is not being able to try things on. Especially at Old Navy, seriously cheap means serious inconsistency of sizing. But thankfully everything we bought this time fit!

When the package was delivered Tuesday morning, it was like Christmas! See, I ripped the packages open...

And we tried on the outfits right away. A shirt and dress for me and a dress and cardigan and tights for Miss L. Here she is showing off her new dress...

And here are a few more pics of her just for fun!
So my only caution besides sizing, is the length of wait. It took a full 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Not so quick. I actually forgot what I ordered and had to look it up twice while I waited. I almost bought duplicate tights for L because I forgot the colours I ordered. In the end I just held off on buying new tights while I waited. But the convenience is undeniable and the prices were as cheap as I can imagine. Now I just have to wait for something to go on sale at Banana....

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