Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little turquoise for the girlie room

Just a minor tweak, but I added some turquoise to Laine's room and it is finally clean during daylight hours so I took some pictures. I think I mentioned starting the project way back here. I saw a sheet set in some kids catalogue that was coral pink and turquoise and fell in love. Here is my attempt.

A canvas with her initial (sort of, her real name doesn't start with an L but she hardly knows that!). I had a left over canvas from the bedroom art project and I saw some cute inspiration art on an episode of Pure Design and thought it would be easy enough. So a big L from a font off the computer, the canvas and craft paint was all it took. Ok, and the steady hand of my creative husband - I made him paint it, I am not at all artistic.

Her is her sweet little self reading to bunny and dolly. She is reading Wendell Gets Dressed, a favorite right now. I added a turquoise table cloth to the end of her bed as a throw blanket. It was from the grocery store on sale for super cheap.

I changed out her pink one year birthday dress that my Great Grandma made for this slightly bigger and appropriately coloured dress that my Great Grandma made.

The lovely quilt/waterproof pad my talented friend Christina did as a baby gift for Lainey Jane makes the chair coordinate nicely.

Tell me I am not the only one who gets obsessed with a colour and wants to put it everywhere. Turquoise you're still my fav.

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