Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a little bookshelf for a little girl

Another little detail of Lainey's room is her little book shelf next to her bed.
This is sort of an IKEA Hack. Have you seen that site, IKEA hacker?
The picture is older, note the old colour scheme, but the shelf hasn't changed.

I may have even gotten the idea from that blog or maybe from a random decorating blog or linky party or some other internet source. Anyway, the idea is not original. It is a kitchen spice rack - the Bekvam spice rack for $6.99 to be exact. I spary painted it white. Gotta love the spay paint. Then made Aaron hang it next to the big girl bed.

Voila, cute book storage for cute little books.

As an aside we have sooo many kids books. They are everywhere. Besides getting rid of them, my husband's idea, how can I deal with the abundance? Any ideas out there?

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  1. I LOVE this! It's exactly what we need for Rusty's bedroom. If I got the shelves and paint could you help me? We need to transform it before the baby comes so I can't paint but my poor hubby is so busy trying to get our basement renovated. I would love to copy you!