Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One, Two, Three

I like the number 7. Not sure why. One day when I was a teenager I proclaimed my favorite number to be 17 and I have loved it ever since. When we moved we put a few offers in on different houses, they all had 7's in the address. Weird, huh?
Numbers on stairs have been rattling around my head for quite a while. I have seen it done by Pottery Barn, and more recently by Linda of Restyled Home when she flipped a house, oh like a year ago....
Linda's stairs
Don't you love them? Maybe I should paint my handrail, hmm.

And since my staircase has 7 steps up top, I knew it was meant to be!

So when I painted the fireplace, I also refreshed the stair risers so I could then get these numbers and make my entry way a bit more fun. Originally this staircase had a dark teal, traditionally patterned runner on it. We ripped that baby out pretty much right away! And the stairs have been in need of something since then.

stairs BEFORE
I think it's cute. And totally non committal as always, the numbers can peel right off. And want to know a secret? The 3 is really half an 8 and the 1 is a modified L. Apparently Canadian Tire isn't big on stocking all the numbers, even if you check multiple locations!

I plan on doing the bottom half of the stairs too, but I need to find a 5. Next time you're in Canadian Tire, just peak at the vinyl house numbers for me will you?

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