Friday, August 6, 2010

Fireplace revealed

I told you I was working on the fireplace, so here it is...
A while back we got a new couch cover in dark grey and that threw off the balance of the room. I have added quite a bit more white to the room to balance it out because dark grey monster sofa across from screaming white fireplace doesn't feel so harmonious.

I also went downstairs and brought up the little rocker my mom handed down to us. I used it over here to bring white to the couch side of the room.
And let's face it - it brings super cuteness to that side of the room too. You should see it with my little sweetie rocking away. I was going to keep the rocker for the still-in-progress basement but the progress is slower than expected and the rocker was too cute to leave in storage.

I am also quite proud of myself for using the fan and samovar that belonged to my mother's two grandmothers. I love that fan but have trouble making it work in a display, although I see them all over the internet looking perfect. It's been pretty toasty around here so I figure it is certainly the season for such things.
this picture is from last time I tried it in the living room

Of course I moved the mirror I painted from by the top of the stairs to over the mantel.
And when I say "I" I totally mean Aaron. I just commanded it, he did the work.

Oh and the white vase on the left of the mantel? I am planning to use part of my Michael's gift card to find some greenery that looks real to balance that side. I also intend to paint the bottom "bricks" black to match the slate. And I might just pain those side cabinets white after all.

Ok, I think I am done rambling. So once more for fun:

Before - ish (for more of the fireplace evolution click here)



  1. This looks great...I love it! I also have one of those fans from my grandmother and actually gave it back to my mom because I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it! I might need it back now :) I'm now your newest follower coming over from the Shabby Nest!

  2. Looks fabulous! The little rocking chair is the perfect touch. Stopping by from Life in the Fun Lane.

  3. Wow - I think your fireplace looks really great! I know what you mean about trying to bring in touches of white - we have a dark leather couch in our white family room, so I'm trying to do the same thing. Although I really like your side cabinets in black, if it was me I think I'd leave them as is...

  4. Looks absolutely lovely! The white fireplace really brightens up that part of the room.

  5. wow, i really like it. great transformation. and i love that you bumped up that fan with turned around books, i did that with lamps on my nightstands. great job!