Monday, August 9, 2010

kitchen, pass through

This is just a little quick before and after. I love Before and After pictures.
It thrills my heart. I am not quite sure why... but it does.

These particular pictures come from the first place we owned, a 1200 sq ft townhouse. I have written about it before. We bought it for pretty cheap and it was kinda run down, and everything was pink or beige. The floor in the kitchen was pink tiles, the cabinets were very rough honey oak. With the sexy hardware in the middle of the door. And the walls and counter were beige.

Remember it was the time when everyone had a very dark brown wood kitchen when you look at the pics.

The pass through was tiny. I have seen this before, it's not great but I've seen it. Aaron on the other hand was baffled. In the kitchen is a giant sunny window, in the living room is kinda dark. Why wouldn't you take advantage of that? So we consulted our friend who checked it out, wrote up plans, we handed the plans to the strata council, and waited.

Then we made it bigger.

And we painted the walls blue and added new track lighting and replaced the pink floor with dark laminate, and replaced the ancient dishwasher and stove.

And redid the cabinets with dark brown oil based paint, took the doors off the one cupboard, took one section out, and refinished the wall, added the wood ledge. And tiled the backsplash with white subway tiles. And re-drywalled part of the other side of the wall around it. And filled and sanded, and filled and sanded. You get the idea.

And it only took a few MONTHS. Nothing big.
And I wasn't impatient once.
I made that last part up.

But it did look good. And I loved it.

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