Saturday, August 7, 2010


I have seen walls painted with chalkboard paint everywhere. On blogs, on houzz, in magazines. It has been around for a while, and it is dramatic.

In our old place we painted the old fake bleached oak closet doors with chalkboard paint in the kids bedrooms and it looked great.
And it saved a bunch of money as we didn't need to buy new ones. I can only find pictures of my kids being monkeys. How fitting. But you get the idea.

Another AFTER if you can take your eyes off the 2 year old in mid air

But painting a whole wall black does make me a tad nervous. So I got the look without the commitment by using vinyl adhesive chalk board panels! It all started with the animal shaped ones you see at the bottom of the wall.
I got them on sale at HomeSense and I thought they would be great for the kids. So I put them up in the kitchen. But I am a list maker so I wanted one for me. So I bought some rectangles. Then I liked it so I bought some more!
All over a period of about a year, all from HomeSense. No complaints from the hubby because it can all peel right off! So I made him help me trace a big calendar and I made a spot for my to do lists, grocery lists, the kids pictorial to do list (make bed, get dressed, brush teeth). Up top is a spot for verses I am thinking on. Use it all everyday.
So feel free to call me noncommittal. I agree.

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