Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wore a new necklace

This week just a few little outfits are making there way to you...

One under accessorized tank (old Navy) and jean cutoffs (Costco jeans cut and "hemmed" by me with IKEA iron on hem tape, klassy, I know), and sandals - I honestly don't know where they came from.
And this one is a bit more of an outfit....
white tank - RW & Co
navy T - GAP
Jeans - GAP curvy bootcut
belt - Alfred Sung Pure for Zellers
green Mary Janes - Keen (my Mommy bought the exact same ones after I told her they were on sale ;^)
green purse - Sears (on sale, it was a deal)
green necklace - my latest creation (beads from Michael's, little beads from my sis)

Somehow this outfit very much feels like me. Just enough to call it an outfit, but still casual. Nothing exciting but I feel cute in it.
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  1. visiting from the pleated poppy. LOVE that necklace. i want to get into making jewelry but not sure how to do a necklace. mainly i just don't know how to finish off the ends. how do you do yours?

  2. Love your green necklace. Very pretty!

  3. I like to make a lot of my own jewelry as well! Cute outfit!