Monday, May 10, 2010

10 + 3 Challenge update

A quick little update to say I am still doing the 10 + 3 challenge. Could be drinking more water. Could be eating more veggies. Exercise is going well.

That really was quick. A few more details...

-I am doing week 2 of calorie cycling and I like it.

-I added in some Turbulence Training workouts to the mix. Wow, great way to shake things up. The chin ups really worked my back and chest and sides. I felt that for a few days even though mine were more "lower downs" than pull ups.

-I found this new workout style called circular strength training (don't you just love youtube? They have everything on there). Did a bit today with the kids outside and it was FUN. I am going to have to learn more and add it to the kettlebells. It is a bit of plyometrics and bodyweight exercises combined and done in a circuit. Very interesting.

Anyway, I am going downstairs to try and workout now, see ya later.

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