Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are experiencing some difficulties

The beloved Mac is at the Mac store getting a spa weekend to help him feel better and run a bit quicker, and to replace some part I have most likely never heard of.

Ironically the only thing that was running smoothly on our Mac was the windows platform. Ha. So we are back to the old PC laptop (which is surprisingly different to type on) and that is why I haven't been around for a bit. So it is actually Tuesday but we are going to pretend it is Sunday, ok? Alright.

10 + 3 update

I have decided to take a break from the food journaling for now. I was making it very complicated and getting away from the real plan which is to eat healthier.

Water will still be a goal. I have been busy so I haven't done that great on the water, but this week that is something to shoot for.

I have been keeping up with the exercise though. I still love to work with the kettlebells. Two weeks ago I pulled my right quad a bit but I was able to work around it and it is feeling 100% now. Then last week I pulled my right hamstring a bit, while the quad was still sore. All that to say I have been off for a few days now and I feel much better. That's it for the update.

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