Thursday, May 20, 2010


It feels weird not having access to my pictures. Please take good care of my computer Mr. MAC man. I told you it would need some part I had never heard of, apparently our logic board is fried. Yeah for warranties.

I have a few things I want to post but will have to wait til next week. Here is what I would be writing about if I had the pictures to show you...

The sliding glass door was replaced in late April and looks really nice. It is amazing how much quieter/warmer/cooler it is with that giant space now covered with quality glass. I have a nice pic of the front of our house and will do a before/after picture when the computer is back. The garden was all perfectly blooming last week and I have a great shot of it. I would still like to replace the front railing but it is not at the top of the list. Maybe I can get one of the kids to break that so I can get a new one. Hmm, I'll think on that.

The backyard playhouse is done. The gables went on a while ago (I almost broke my neck helping) and the grass went in last week. I bought a few of those recycle rubber mats from Rona to go under the swings and at the end of the slide (they are on sale this weekend). It was a mom at R's school that gave me the idea. You know, since the ground under the swings just gets worn away anyway. I think a nice before and after of that is in order too. All credit to my hubby for building that thing, it is amazing. Even our little neighbour buddy came to play today and didn't want to leave.

I also have a bunch of little things I was meaning to post. Like how I re-did the back of my china cabinet with scrapbook paper. And the master bedroom has new lights and new "art". I made it myself, so trust me the quotes are warranted.

And of course there are a bunch of projects that need doing so I can share them with you like painting the stair risers, the fireplace, half my furniture, making roman blinds from the material I have already bought and measured and cut. Wow, I should go start one of those projects. After I fold my mountain of laundry. And clean the toilet and the floor next to it, again today.

I may be posting something I wrote a while back for tomorrow, if I get organized. It has pictures from before the logic board incident so the week won't be all words.

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