Monday, April 4, 2011

Reno News - countertop progress

So it's definitely not done but I have to celebrate progress as it comes. This week my lovely husband has been on a mission to install the counter and sink in the downstairs kitchenette. In order to make it look like we have done more than we actually have ;) I will show you the before too! This before shot is before we bought the house- therefore not our junk. Just thought I'd mention it.
Ta-da! Ok, I am aware of the lack of knobs/pulls on the cupboards, the missing light fixture over the sink, lack of a kickplate, the unpainted windowsills and the hole where a bar fridge will soon be. But c'mon. You have to admit it's getting there!

There was a gap at the end so A made a wine rack to fill the space. Yes, built it from scratch. The hole where the wood and tool box is now will be a mini fridge, probably stainless.

And he also put in the sink. Cut the hole, installed the faucet and hooked up all the plumbing. He is good. I am so thankful for a handy husband. It make life so much cheaper in the long run!

Anyone want a glass of water from downstairs?


  1. I love the countertop! That is what I want in our kitchen. Where did you go???

  2. IKEA, so great. In stock and pretty cheap. Aaron installed it himself easily. Then he sealed it with this stuff from Lee Valley.

  3. Nice work, everything looks clean and organized now. I also loved the how the kitchen countertop looks.

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  4. This is awesome! You did a fantastic job - and you've detailed your work so well that you've made it really easy for the rest of us.

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