Friday, April 15, 2011

More flowers

I wrote a while ago about some flower clippies I made for my University friends. My friend Jen then sent me a link to a whole lot more pretty flower projects. A few I have already made, a few weren't my taste and a few were so tempting I just had to try and make some.

L and I went to Michaels for some other stuff but bought felt while we were there so I could make this.
So cute! I bought grey, blue and purple as well as green for leaves. The colours are nice and greyed out, I am not a vibrant person. And the felt is made from post consumer recycled bottles. Impressive. And it was 50 cents a sheet so the whole project was about $2.
I followed these directions on the blog I am Momma Hear Me Roar.
1 inch strips
make slits
glue gun it together*
add leaves

And voila a beautiful little garden.

I intend to get some hairclips to glue them on. L will have a little purple boutonniere and hairclippie to go with her hot-pink-with-purple-flowers that she chose for Easter. Yes she definitely chose it, remember I am not really a vibrant person.

*Is there anything that glue guns can't do, really? My Mom used to hem pants with them (sorry I just told everyone that, Mom), my hubby laid down the in-floor heating with a glue gun too as per the directions. Gotta love it!

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