Monday, November 16, 2009

What's your vote?

I am invited to my hubby's work Christmas party this weekend (a tad early I know). And I am a little stressed about what I will wear. Here are a few things you should know... everyone at the party will be a doctor or spouse of a doctor except for us and A's three coworkers. It is a catered event. The kids are coming too so I have to be able to move around with them. I have gained some weight since the last time I dressed up like this so I don't feel great in any of my pants/skirts. So, I want to look appropriate and be comfortable. What do you think about these choices? I still have a few days so if they are all bad I still have a chance....
I will get a cami for under this one so it will be more modest
I ripped these tights when I was trying them on so I will be out getting some new ones
Sorry about the funny exposure on this one, it's late, kids are in bed, it's dark in here


  1. #1 or #3. LOL, you're too funny. Have fun!!

  2. I like #3 too. I like #1, but I'm guessing you might be underdressed (I think those are jeans but I'm not sure??). Anyway, have fun!

  3. Thanks guys! My Mom and Jo say 3 or 1 as well. I do think the jeans are too casual, but it's a cute outfit for another party. I'm off to buy replacement tights and a black cami and maybe a necklace to complete the look.