Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Dressed Up...

.....and can't get everyone to sit still for a picture.
Darn it, we didn't get any family pics of us dressed up and even my attempt at all the dressed up kids in one picture was a disaster.
Oh, well. I'll just tell you A got himself a new dress shirt and tie, a haircut and he looked pretty cute. L's hand-me-down dress makeover worked well and it was perfect with her sparkly party shoes. K wore R's outfit from 2 Christmases ago and it was adorable, and R was cute in new pants and a blue dress shirt.
My dress was great except for the fact that I washed it the day before and dried it flat just like the directions say. And it shrunk. Like 2 inches shrunk. Like "I have to hike my slip up to my bra" shrunk. But I wore it anyways because by the time I bought new tights, a slip, a necklace, etc I was going to wear it no matter what! It was cute. A bit short but cute. Here is the best I could do for pictures....

Nice tie!

Notice the grey coat and the fun pearl necklace. I also chose to go for a shorter grey cardigan that looked better than the original black one.
Here are the cuties and their loot...
and here is a lost opportunity to tick "Christmas Card Photo" off the list

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