Monday, November 16, 2009

Laundry room is progressing

We have been working hard on the house and working hard at work. No more than 3 days off together a month right now is a bit crazy. I am not even sure it is worth the $$ we are saving on daycare. I miss daycare days.
A has been working hard on the laundry room and I see real progress. Our laundry shoot is working again after being out of service for almost a year due to the major changes we have been making downstairs. The plumbing is in, the framing is done, the windows are new, the electrical is done, the laundry room is insulated, drywalled and painted, shelves and mudroom bench in progress. The hitch right now (besides finding time to work) is an area of dryrot in the main room downstairs. It is a lot and it is bad and it has to be replaced. One the laundry room is done I think many hours will be devoted to the wall repair before we move forward in that room. Oh well it has to be done!

Here is a real before of the now laundry room from before we bought the house

Here is the during from last week
Now the washer and dryer are in their final resting place hopefully never to move or be disconnected again for a very long time.
Stay tuned for updates on the paint colour for this room!

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