Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Sewing

Since we moved into the new place I have kept my sewing machine out and done a few little things like hem curtains and the like. Then, inspired by the cheapy pillows I got at Pier One on clearance and the coordinating bowls, I bought some (even cheaper) fabric when I was making the boys Halloween capes that matched the pillows exactly. I was thinking of the teal, and red and green colour scheme from Green Eggs and Ham for my Christmas decorations, and the teal pillows were fun, but kinda lonely in the beige and brown room. So to make them fit in a bit better I made graphic stripe pillows for the couch. Now they feel more a part of the team. The design of the new pillows was copied from some "House and Home" brand pillows I saw at Home Outfitters. The inspiration pillows are brown and pale blue linen. Some have a stripe like mine, some have a square and some are oversized floral. I might still buy them for next year if they ever go on sale. But for now, my teal suits the cold weather just fine, even after the Christmas decs are put away. I think it feels rich and cheery all at the same time. Oh, and did I mention the cream fabric is actually one cloth napkin, cut in half? Also, extremely cheap, yeah!

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