Thursday, January 29, 2009

restyling the mudroom

Since my current mudroom is a pile at the bottom of the stairs, while the future mudroom is an unfinished space waiting to have the floor jackhammered to accommodate plumbing of the future laundry room and basement bath...I won't have any pics of my place today. Can you just hear the bills racking up for this barely started project? Ok, I digress (but I am going back to work soon, scared by the plumber's estimate!).
So my friend has a mudroom dilemma, small hallway, kids needing to get places, to see a picture of exactly what she is up against, go here.
I just happen to know a great blog, and she has a thing for mudrooms. It is called Restyled Home, and Linda is Canadian (oh yeah). Here is her post on mudroom alternatives. So great. Oh and when you are over there, don't forget to look around, she has other mudroom posts with lockers that I love (and might very well copy), oh and her daughter's backyard playhouse is amazing!!!
If I knew how to copy pictures from her blog over here (or even if that is allowed) I would, but I don't and A is at work, sooo.... I will work on pics later!

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  1. I checked out your mudroom alternatives link but for some reason I was thinking there was supposed to be another link? Am I missing something or was I just imagining things? Am pea green with envy over some of the lovely mudrooms people have!!