Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspiration Binder

I was inspired by Frau Frugal's organization post to write about one small way I am attempting to get organized.
I have magazines. When we go away as a family, my husband brings a book to read and my mom and I bring a magazine. The kids refer to them as our books which makes my husband mad, ha ha. Anyway he often buys a subscription for my birthday or Christmas, so they pile up.
I like minimalism in theory... but it is so hard to throw things away.

So here is my solution to that particular problem, a binder full of just the interesting parts of the magazines! I am sure this was not an original idea. It came, quite possibly, from my friend Christina. She is organized and brilliant too, so it was probably her, yeah.

Admittedly I started this project before we moved, in the summer. I know, I know, it's not very organized to start something and not finish it for several months, I have had a few other things going on in the mean time (like raising 3 kiddies). But eventually I hope to free up this shelf in my bedroom and transfer everything to the binder, labelled and categorized. Then maybe I will fill that shelf up again, with more magazines perhaps......


  1. Great Idea Jess,

    I am on day four of trying to organize and de junk my scrapbook room. I just brough about 30 magazines to daycare (mostly gardening ones) for them to "create" with. Did you want to go through them first??? Anyway great job working on getting organized...for me it is an on going project. The distraction of raising those little ones is a true blesssing...enJOY each and every snuggle, mess and giggle. I can say that on the other side of diapers, ect. I know you know how precious each day is. I look forward to more inspirations from you.

  2. A very clever idea Jess! I will be using this one for sure...when I get around to it and a miillion other things! ;)

  3. I read about this somewhere before and you have re-inspired me to do the same when I get home. I have to do something with the 9 monthly magazine subscriptions that I get.