Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inside the Pink Closet

So here is the (much delayed) view of the inside of her renovated closet.  Keep in mind that these pictures are from before her birthday (in April, I'm such a slacker).  Now there is a giant 3 story Barbie castle in the middle of the closet.  It has a dance floor if your Barbie wants to come over and play sometime. Can you see her collection of fancy dresses hanging in the corner? We made one section of full height hanging going sideways to take advantage of that corner of the closet that is hard to access.

 There is so much shelf space we don't quite know what to do with it all.  A few memory boxes are tucked on the very top shelf, one with baby blankets and clothes and one with crafts and school treasures.  From this angle you can see the hidden shoe storage in the white shelf.  The pink boxes hold smaller toys, jewellery, etc. and the higher ones hold shoes she is growing into.
 When the doors are open during the day it is a fun little hit of colour.  This little girl loves pinky pink and this mommy is so glad the whole room doesn't look like a bottle of pepto.

We have been living with this layout and closet organization for a few months now and it works great!  Lost of room to play, separate bins for all her different toys, easy access to her books, and lots of carpet space to play despite the small square footage of the room.  I am so thankful that A is handy enough to build the things we collectively dream up.  I love sketching my ideas on a scrap paper and then (after a bit of a wait) seeing how he can create them.  This space is a hundred times more useful than it was, and it gives L a special place to play and read and sleep.  Perfect.

AHH! I just found some before pictures I think this highlights how full the closet was before
 and also highlights the particularly useless sections on the sides.
right side is now full height hanging and where doll beds live
Left side is where the white shoe shelf is now
still keep toys here, now Barbies instead of Little People

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