Friday, June 14, 2013

Playroom/office Demo Mode

Also known as the before pictures, or 'oh that's better already'.  Here the first of a very full load of panelling that went off to the dump.  Buh bye!

This is what my hubby does on his days off!

The west wall as looked when we first moved in and used this as our playroom.  
Built in shelves play now you see me now you don't!
...and here we go in demo mode
playroom now...
 More of the west wall with a peek at the funky panelled window sill and valence. Fancy pants.
More befores. See the pink lump on the floor? She's 5 now.
And R watching Grover there? He read The Hobbit, on his own.

Wow did we have a lot of toys.  We just did all the toy editing and sold stuff on craigslist/ gave stuff away.  The books were especially hard to sort through.  And almost all the Little People are gone.  Ah Fisher Price, those were the good old days.  Now its all Barbie and Skylanders. Sigh.

Particularly hideous close up. Panelled valence and
not one but TWO types of shiny bamboo wallpaper.
But they go together so well!

...looks much better stripped to the studs.
North wall with the pink quilt on it...

Can't wait to move forward and start putting things back.  The wall that faces the carport is already reframed.  He needs to do a few electrical and plumbing things that I don't understand or care about.  Apparently I will care if we can't plug anything in the new room or if the main water pipe breaks behind the drywalled ceiling.  I guess it is a good idea for him to do his plumbing/electrical stuff.  But as soon as it's done I expect to move on to pretty things, ok?

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