Monday, April 22, 2013

Butterfly Birthday Details

So tomorrow L turns 5.  It is kind of amazing that our baby girl is now a beautiful, sweet, over-accessorized 5 year old smarty pants.  It was her first real friend party.  Last year she had 2 friends over for a playdate.  This one wasn't much bigger, 4 friends, but it was a 'real party'.  The theme was butterflies, and the colour scheme was... magenta or pink (Fancy Nancy says magenta is a fancy way of saying pink).  Some time was spent on pinterest, and equal time spent in multiple dollar stores.  So here it is!

Sparkly butterfly invitation

Inside the goodie bags...

 Goodie bags with butterfly headbands and pony colouring books.
I made the tiny pennant banner from an idea off pinterest from string and pink duct tape.

I bought her two dozen roses with, you guessed it, more sparkly butterflies!

Streamers, ribbons, and more butterflies for our pink table. 

Butterfly wall decals flying up from the front door came from Nana and Grandad.

The cake was pink inside and out, yummy.  As always made by Uncle G!

The blackboard got a makeover for the occasion.

Fruit caterpillar kabobs

Craft time, this girl party was so quiet and they sat for a long time.  

Quietly played a few games- catch the butterflies

TP chrysalis

Present time

Snack time

The party ended with quiet play time in her room.  
They all got along, they played nice, nothing got broken.  
I really could get used to this girl party thing.

 Then we moved on to a little family party.  Starting with a BIG sparkly Barbie castle!

K read her the birthday cards to her, extra cute!
 The rest of the evening was spent playing, visiting and enjoying dessert for the second time!

She is the cutest little 5 year old in this house for sure!

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