Monday, April 8, 2013

the big girl room

My almost 5 year old is getting big.  She had a toddler bed that was just fine but we had a twin mattress  and it was not going to fit in that little bed.  And so began a great reshuffling of (what feels like) every room in the house.  You see a small room like this won't fit a twin bed and a long dresser, you know if you want to open the drawers um... ever!  The second problem was a very large closet (I know that is not a problem) with relatively small doors.  This made lots of the closet space less than useable.  

The solution?  I started a pinterest board and A started drawing plans on sketch up and here is what happened!

two little dressers and a captains bed

built in adjustable shelves!

so much storage

a happy BIG girl

 See those crystal knobs on the dresser? 
She calls them her jewels.

 And one more shot of the built in shelves courtesy of daddy.  Can you believe all that was space inside the closet?  It was so difficult to access before that it was pretty empty on each side.  Now there is a ton of useful shelf space and it is just so darn pretty!  There are still lots of things to do: sew curtains, hang things on the walls, get a real lamp (or two?).  But it is coming together nicely.

If I am organized I will give you a peek inside her closet next time. Spoiler alert: it's pink!

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  1. I am so beyond happy to have to back ... the room is amazingly adorable, love the dressers, bed and the closet awesome. Keep posting friend, it does get a little easier...once you get going. Loads of love. me