Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinspiration- Succulents

 A while ago I saw some cute succulents on pinterest.  It reminded me of something they did on the blog YoungHouseLove as well.  L and I had a bit of an adventure at Value Village one day and came home with three white containers.  I tried to buy the succulents at IKEA, as they did on YoungHouseLove, but there were only a few left by that time and they were sad, sad specimens.  Instead we dropped in Home Depot and bought them there.

the summer mantel

Hopefully these are plants I can't kill.  But they are looking a bit sad... I hear that fake succulents are nice too...


  1. Hello Jess,

    I always smile when I read your posts. Your photos are great, your idea (the ones from pinterest too) are fun and awesome job actually doing them. my pinterest remains only ideas. Love ya and thanks for posting.

  2. will have to let me know how they do. That may be something I can use in my classroom!