Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Old Buffet

This buffet has been in my parents house as long as I can remember.  My mom also acquired another beautiful wooden buffet with carved handles, it is so lovely.  Anyway, this buffet had to go to make room for a new skinny and tall buffet with a hutch.  And we all know what happens to nice wooden furniture when my mom is done with it... it comes to live with me.  See my living room bench and coffee table for previous examples.
Buffet in its previous home,  my mom's dining room

But this is so beautiful I couldn't paint it like the antique coffee table.  Although if you are wondering I stand by that decision 100%.  No, I kinda wanted this to stay wood but I needed to give it a twist.  

A. and I agreed that painting the inside turquoise would be an acceptable compromise.  Turns out we still couldn't get over painting even the inside (wusses) so A. cut some particle board he had lying around (a great use for old destroyed IKEA drawers) and I painted that.  No one could object to painted particleboard, I mean no one.

I used a bunch of other inherited things to fill and decorate the top and inside of my newly revived buffet.  Finally, a place for my clock collection!

 And here it is!

 It needs something on the wall like a mirror or picture and the lamps aren't great, I know but I am thinking that over.  Maybe pinterest will have an idea for my on that front.

But for now, thanks to my mom for the silver, some of the clocks and of course the buffet. Thanks to A's grandparents for the chairs and his other grandma that left us the clocks and crystal.  And thanks to our wedding guests from 12 years ago for giving us everything blue you see in there!

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