Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinspiration- TOM's update

TOM's are everything everyone says they are.  They're cute, comfortable, for a good cause, and they easily get a hole in the toe.  Just like everyone says.  I got my TOM's last year and wore them frequently until the holes got bad.  They have been sitting dusty on a shelf in the mudroom ever since.  

Enter the source of all ideas on the planet, Pinterest!

 I read and pinned a few different tutorials on covering up that silly hole.  So, with nothing to lose, I gathered some things I had on hand and tried it.

Patch the holes with iron on patches to prevent the problem from reoccurring immediately.
 Then use a scrap of fabric and a ton of fabric glue and to for it.  In this case the fabric was the bottom of a pair of pants that became shorts last summer so that was also free.

TADA!  I think they turned out just fine.  Totally neat and presentable and a little colour blocking to up the trendiness factor.  Yeah for pinterest once again!

1 comment:

  1. I actually put some patches INSIDE of my Toms before my toe popped through and it has been working great...just an idea if you ever get new ones!