Sunday, June 19, 2011

when the father is away...

It's Father's Day at our house without a father. We celebrated both our grandfathers yesterday, and great grandpa we'll see next weekend. But Daddy is away. His 'gift' is getting to kayak with his friends for 8 days. Nice.
I do miss him. Not just because I have to do the dishes and the garbage, yuck. (I so much appreciate that he does the dishes everyday.) But just hanging out with him. Being apart for a time has never been that big of a deal to us.
I am aware of his absence a bit differently this time. Not that I can't manage or that I want to be there. Just missing the everyday moments and all the funny things the kids do and say that are too good to be kept to myself. Missing him not what he does for our family.
I know he will have a great time. Being out in nature is one of his favorite things. And you might just get to see some pictures when he gets back...
How sad is it that the most recent picture of the 2 of us is from Spring Break? Then the one before that, New Years. Note to self, more silly couple self portraits.


  1. so sweet Jess...keep smiling and taking more great photos to keep the memories ...

  2. I TOTALLY understand. I felt the same way when Kev went for his recent guys' weekend. I missed our chats in bed at night before falling asleep and laughing together about something silly Caden had said. I totally managed, but I was lonely for him! It is a blessing that we have these GREAT guys!