Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinspiration- Altered T shirt

I saw a great grey t shirt on pinterest quite a while ago. I loved its shape and detail but the fact that it was totally casual at the same time. It was perfect for me so I looked up the link. I could buy it, it's by Marc Jacobs for just $535 canadian. So, uh, NO I will not be buying a five hundred dollar casual t shirt.
Plan B. In my PJ drawer I have a grey t shirt that has been there forever, soft and worn in and the perfect grey. No before picture because honestly I didn't expect much. I sat down at the sewing machine after the kids were in bed and while my hubby was working evening shift and just tried a few things. If the shirt is old and free you can't really lose right?
So a snip here and a pintuck there with left over thread while I watched a little nostalgic netflix (Seaquest anyone, ha). I cut the bottom off, cut the neck and arms, then sewed up the armholes so they wouldn't gape. I sewed a few lines then tried it on then continued on like that. When the thread ran out I stopped. And this is what it looked like:
Awesome instagram photos I took while shopping by myself- a rare occasion.
But you get the idea.
Next time, yes there will definitely be a next time, I will do before and after proper pics so you get the idea. It was just so much fun to finish a project and have it work like I pictured!

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