Friday, September 16, 2011

A good fence...

The old fence had to go. It was barely standing when we bought the house 3 years ago. K tried to climb it a few weeks ago and that was truly the end. No worries, the new fence building project had been scheduled for the first week of school when A. had a few days off and the weather was supposed to be cooler.

This pile is pretty much what the fence looked like before, just a bit more upright. Just a bit.
So we coordinated with our neighbour, who is lovely and helpful. Hubby built a big fence on possibly the hottest week of the summer. Poor hubby.

He designed the fence all himself, it looks great! It is a bit taller than we imagined 6 ft to be. Guess we won't be seeing much of our nice neighbour now... but we also won't be seeing the traffic wizz by on the road behind them. Sorry friends no more snow day traffic updates from my kitchen, unless I stand on a chair.

Almost after pics - the tops are on the posts now and it looks very professional
Did you know fences are EXPENSIVE? Like super expensive. A. built the panels himself to save money (and get the look he wanted) but I can't imagine how much it would be to hire it out to a contractor. Ouch. He tells me we will move long before it needs to be done again so that's something.

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  1. EXPENSIVE! We had someone do just the front part to partition off getting to the front and it was like, $700! He built it all from scratch but OUCH!