Monday, July 4, 2011

colourful update

I tend to wear monochromatic outfits and decorate my house in neutrals with one accent colour. But for kids? Two colours (at least!) seems more appropriate. They are 'wide open' as they say in the South, so colourful suits them very much.

L's room has been all pink for a while, then I added some turquoise. Here is one more turquoise pillow along with my great grandma's crazy quilt to punch things up a bit...

And the boys room was grey and red most recently. Honestly I really don't like red (although one of my sons loves it). I just went with red out of convenience, their old shelves and some pillows my mom had made red the easy choice. But lately I have been seeing lots of grey, light blue and lime green. Ok, I have been seeing it on pinterest. What can I say? It's a visual buffet and I just can't stop myself.

Here are some new blue/lime touches in their room, mostly courtesy of IKEA. Love IKEA for cheap accents!
New lime green pillowcases- Walmart
Green storage boxes- Ikea
Coincidentally, doesn't that hand-me-down shelf look great painted grey?
Curious George in just the right blue
Their formerly red star got a coat of blue craft paint
The red and yellow canvas was painted by R at school, isn't it great?
I am letting it stay even though it is in my old colour scheme ;)

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  1. I JUST picked out blue and lime green bedding for our new king sized bed! :) Glad to see I am "in!"