Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another goal update

Last week I did pretty well, cooking about half the time, making homemade apple pie (from the Clean Eating with Kids cookbook) and getting quiet times in most days.

Healthy Apple Pie, pretty good actually but the crust wasn't right.
I'll have to play with that next time.

Still haven't made it for that prayer walk but the weather is great right now, so maybe later this week.

But the kettlebells - oh baby am I ever getting obsessed with kettlebells! I made my goal of doing 2 x 45 min workouts and they were tough. I used Lauren Brooks Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells.

I also did look into the snatch a bit (with the very scientific info I gleaned for youtube I decided I should master the stuff I am doing right now and work up to using my 12kg bell ( I am currently using an 8kg) before I venture into that teritory.

I used the big papa bell for part of both long workouts and it is heavy. I decided to go back to 3 small workouts for this week and try to use the heavier bell more so I can get stronger (there is no way I could use the heavy bell for the whole 45 mins, I would die, I actualy almost died using it for 4 intervals of my long workout ;^)). So that's the plan, ease into the heavier weight with 3 small workouts. I was so excited about this goal that I have already finished one workout for this current week (I am reporting a bit late). I think I am going to try one of Lauren Brooks workouts from her blog, maybe this one or the quick fat burning one.
That's it!

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