Friday, December 23, 2011

Going Grey - the coffee table

Let's talk about the coffee table I got from my mom that used to belong to my Grandmother. Here it is medium brown stain, very shiny and classic.
Then a few months ago I decided to finally go ahead and paint it grey. So I sanded it. And it sat there ugly and sanded but not painted for quite sometime.
Then I got a bit organized and primed it with the killz spray primer we had in the basement. I kinda liked it white. And I'm lazy. So it stayed white for a while.
Then we had that big baby shower in October so I thought I'd better get organized. I bought some grey paint and went for it. It's not perfect, it needs another coat when the weather warms up. But I like it grey. I want more of my furniture to go grey this summer. Or maybe the walls. You never know.
Anyway, back to the coffee table. I think it looks more modern and you can see the details even better now that it's painted. Love it!

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