Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My version of drive bys

We have been looking into replacing our windows, so I am thinking about the exterior of our house a lot lately. We have a pretty typical house for the neighbourhood, when we were house hunting we saw our same floor plan several times. I am trying to get some idea of what it might look like with new windows and what type to pick. Here are some cute places in our general area (right by the park). These are the same general layout as ours, but with a fair bit of updating done. Oh the possibilities.

This one was probably originally quite small but they added square footage over and under what was the deck on the right, and then put a carport out in front.
And this cutie patootie is my own place. I was thinking get rid of the shutters, paint the door black, fix the railing up (change it to wood?). What do you think? We are doing the planter around the tree this year for sure, everything else is negotiable. We'll see. Oh and the title. Go over to the Inspired Room and check out her drive by's if you haven't already!

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